Hi and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Steph, a mid/late thirty-something Photographer and Mum of a two-year-old – little-BIG ego.

Having been born and bred in the ‘Avenues area’ of the friendly City of Hull, I’ve made my life here, after a short 4 year stint as a Student in Derby, where I gained my BA Hons Degree in Photography in 2004.

I also lived in Rome in Italy for 3 months in 2013, which was a profoundly awesome experience!

These days I live with my young Daughter, two, 10-year-old, rather plump ‘Tortie’ Cats and my Man of 17 years – 6 now as a Fiancé!

Since childhood, I’ve been drawn to Photography and tinkering with visual imagery, both in camera and within my everyday surroundings, e.g. interior design, graphic design, crafts etc.

As a ‘Stay at Home Mum’ picking back up my Photography Freelancing career, I’m very much in the thick of the ‘baby – early childhood’ years and love meeting and sympathising with other parents!

Having followed my daughter’s life closely through the lens from her birth in 2015, I knew I would want to add ‘Newborn’ and Baby Photography to my repertoire, once I found time to get back to my fledgling business, so that I could help other parents capture the wonderful and all too fleeting moments of their children’s development too.

Newborn Photography is a very specialised area and very ‘prop orientated’ but also requires a lot of skill in handling fragile new humans and getting the best poses. I’ll be sharing my journey with you all. Very exciting!

Service-wise, I work ‘on location’ and have a mobile studio, including special posing beanbag and props that I can set up in your home. Alternatively, I enjoy shooting on location for Family Portraits with some environmental interest.

I enjoy the challenge of solving problems and thinking ‘outside of the box’. I use flash and natural light so can be pretty flexible with the light I’m given in most situations. For example, I love shooting on overcast days and mist, but equally, I can handle challenging midday light (though try to avoid it if possible 🙂 )

I post-edit all my own work and have amassed some 19 years experience in Digital Retouching but am constantly updating my skills.

I am professionally insured, and as well as my qualification as a Mother – with all the experience and responsibility that role brings, I have DBS clearance for working with Children and Vulnerable Young Adults, which is just another little thing that may reassure you. 🙂

Some final things to know about me…

I LOVE learning new things, and at the moment I’m learning to use my sewing machine! I’ve just made my own ‘newborn posing’ beanbag with concealed zip that I’m pretty chuffed with!

Oh and I’m quite musical too and enjoy Singing; Jazz/Blues Divas and 90’s Hip Hop. I’m currently getting into teaching my 2-year basic Sight Reading of Music, which is great fun!

So that’s a bit about me… I’m friendly, chatty and really, you can be assured we’ll have fun on a shoot and get some great pictures. Get in touch if you like my style!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram and other Social Media feeds under – EyeSpyImagery. I’m a big Pinterest fan! x


Daughter in local park on a misty Winter’s day 2017