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Portraiture photography has been my life long – single, great love… as far as inanimate passions go! But I have battled with this passion over recent years and many times I have simply figured… it is just too competitive an industry to break into.

So this has led me to where I am now… my early 30’s (which ‘was’ my own personal ‘now or never age’ – Photography Career Wise) and it is for that reason that I now know, I simply can’t leave ‘what could have been’ behind.

Hence this year I’ve started Eye Spy Imagery. I still have a lot to learn and I am hampered slightly by a lack of funds, for some of the equipment that I know, will help take me to the next level, (think ‘bootstrapping’) but I do have my creative ‘eye’ and I know I can do a lot with what I already have – equipment wise.

Below are a selection of my favourite Portraits from my freelancing career so far.

P.S. Don’t forget to click ‘older entries’ at the bottom left of my gallery to see more pic’s. – I am designing and updating the site myself (bootstrapping again) to make this easier. Keep checking back! x