Above you will find a few pieces and experiments from my personal practice.

Stylistically, I am really into my film-like ‘grungy edges’, light leaks and vignetting (darkened edges) – traditionally from the days of Polaroid instant prints and film-based photography in general.


Regarding inspiration; I have certainly been influenced in my thinking, over the years, by Photographers like Francesca Woodman, Nan Goldin and Duane Michals. These guys were/are, all Masters at conveying emotion, and/or big concepts, using Photography, and they combine this with their natural, storytelling prowess (the later in the case of the ladies).

Fran and Nan (coincidental rhyming there!) as a case in point, do differ though, in that Fran is heavily Pictorial – and used her imagination and emotions, to create the scenes of solitude that formed her final images, and that have since been the subject of much intellectual debate over their meanings (especially in light of her suicide, as a young adult).

Nan’s work meanwhile, showcases her unique ability for seeking out her subjects’ trust in the most intimate of ways, which has become her unique voice and style, transforming a mere snapshot, into fine art. The results of which are highly evocative and emotional, in a completely raw way, whilst also being highly documentary (‘fly on the wall’).

These two women bring their femininity completely to the table! That is why I love them!